How to Lose the Weight of Losing Weight

Hold on! Before you close the tab on this blog let me explain what I mean.

Do you ever get tired of hearing,”want to lose weight?” “How to lose weight”, “weightloss secrets”, “eat this and lose 20 pounds”….I could go on forever about all the ads and posts about losing weight. To be honest I’m tired of it!

Does anybody want to be HEALTHY?! Why does society and media put so much emphasis on LOSING WEIGHT? Yes, losing weight can sometimes be a life and death situation as obesity contributes to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and many other ailments BUT, what if we were to approach people in a way that would focus on their health in every aspect; mind, body and spirit.

Get off the Scale!

The first thing I tell people is to get rid of their scale for at least 2-3 months, I tell them to give it to a friend or give it to your significant other and have them hide it.

Have you ever heard a watched pot of water never boils? It’s sort of the same concept with jumping on the scale every week to see if you’ve lost weight, it can bring more discouragement then inspiration. If you want to have a true reflection of your results then get a measuring tape and track the following body parts on a weekly basis; bicep, chest, waist, hips, and calves.

You see, any workout program you start should have some type of resistance training which means toning & muscle strength depending on the amount of resistance/weight you use, you will either gain weight or stay the same and you will see no results on the scale. What will happen is you will begin to lose inches and usually your clothes will fit better.

Enough about that, I’ll leave that for a training blog.

Health & Vitality is the Bottom Line

For years weight loss has been the consistent marketing giant making millions of dollars off innocent people looking for an answer to their “weight” problems.

When I meet people for the first time or even those I’ve known a longtime, I don’t look at what’s in front of me. I don’t see the extra weight people carry, I don’t start thinking of what diet I could put them on & I certainly don’t sell or promote any weight loss programs. The first thing I want to do is to get to know you-YOUR story.

This is where true “coaching” comes in. If you care about people, you care about them, who are they? where do they come from? are they going through something difficult? Have they gone though trauma in their life? How do THEY see themselves? What are their favourite hobbies, what’s their favourite food? It’s seeing people as human, frail, insecure, scared of change, you know? Exactly like us.

It Starts in the MIND

The mind is a wonderful thing, God created our brains to think and to be creative. It also can serve as a limitless trail of unwanted thoughts & sadness. We have been given power over our minds and we do not need to let every little thought that pops itself in there to stay there, and we don’t have to allow every word or advertisement about weight loss deposit itself in our mind either.

When I met with my first client we met once a week for a month and I didn’t recommend a diet of any kind, I didn’t create a workout program, and I even didn’t take her weight or measurements. We simply met over tea & I got to learn about her more, who she is, where she comes from-HER story. I listened and didn’t say much, she had my complete attention. This is how coaching should be done.

“If you want people to value your leadership, you MUST values people”-John Maxwell. How true is this quote!

Giving people diet programs & even strict workout programs to lose weight before you even truly know them to me is not integrity, it’s strictly just a business to make money from people.

I don’t need to tell anyone who needs to lose weight that they need to lose weight, yes or no? We both know that is the case, however, no matter what program I put someone on, if the heart is broken & the spirit is crushed it will all be a TEMPORARY experience of heightened optimism that eventually will slow down & then eventually finish once a coach or personal trainer is out of the picture. A real goal is setting them up for success even after you are gone.

A great example is the gym, when a Personal Trainer meets with a client the first time (because it’s free)they get the client pumped up and excited after giving them the basics of using the gym and equipment. BUT if you want anymore advice or training it’s gonna cost you & BIG! So the client gets all excited makes themselves all these promises to get in shape and lose weight, and then one day, goes by, they miss , then 3 days, then 10 days and you get the point.

Why? because there was no emotional, or mindful connection with the staff at the gym and likely because they couldn’t afford the costs of a Personal Trainer. More than that though, it’s more likely the mindset of the person. No one has given them coaching on how they should change their mindset or the “how to.”

Speaking into someone’s life is an honour, if someone lets you in their world, consider yourself blessed, especially in the world we live in today. So many people are broken and do not trust anybody. Be careful with the things people share with you, it’s a huge responsibility. -just had to say that .

Size does NOT Measure someone’s Health

I have met unhealthy thin people and I have met unhealthy overweight people. I have also met healthy curvaceous women and healthy thin women. Yes, the two can coexist. Thanks to the breakdown of Body types we can learn that you can have curves and be healthy, you can be thin and healthy, and you can be tall without curves and be healthy. Bone structure, genes and your Biochemistry all have a part of how you look and respond to losing weight or getting into top shape as well what you eat and how many workouts you do, it’s a package deal. More on that another blog).

The key thing is, we need to STOP body shaming and putting pressure on people, especially women to “lose weight”, the ONLY weight a woman needs to lose in the beginning stages of getting healthy is the weight of society and they’re often times uneducated suggestions.

Getting healthy is a”one day at a time” experience. It’s about evolving as you age, as you go through life stages ie, pregnancy, menopause, health changes, unexpected/expected. It’s making small changes each week, each month and each year. It’s about making the changes necessary in your life in order that you may age strong and live with vitality while your here in this earth. It’s respecting the temple you’ve been given to live in temporarily. It’s teaching your children by example.

So let’s PUT OFF society’s standards when it come to our health & what we look like OR “should look like” and let’s start with self reflection, self appreciation right where we are, self love, education and understanding, compassion, and most of let’s start looking past the external and seek for deeper meaning of the internal to have longer lasting transformations.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage or support obesity. Obesity can lead to very dangerous sickness and disease and therefore can harm or even cause death.

If you are concerned about your health or feel you could be at risk for heart disease PLEASE speak to a General Practitioner as your first steps to wellness.

Me and my Olde English Bulldogge Tawnie

Stress, Sickness, Bloodwork & Miracles!

The Mind & Body Connection

Have you ever wondered why so many people today in our society suffer from so many digestive disorders with symptoms like bloating, nausea, abdominal pain, depression, anxiety& other ailments that leave people feeling frustrated with unanswered questions & diagnosis. Stomach and gastrointestinal issues if not taken care of sooner than later can show up later down the road as more serious conditions. Well, I consider myself to have just experienced and walked through some similar experiences and the end result has been interesting to say the least.

Personal Experience

The last 6-8 months I haven’t felt myself. My energy levels dropped significantly & in late September i started getting bloating that made me look six months pregnant. I was more irritable, anxious and more symptoms started to come and by the last three weeks I knew something was off, this wasn’t just perimenopause starting, this was something to do with my digestive system & stomach. Headaches, stomach pains, depression, anxiety, constipation, bloating, loss of appetite, fatigue & flatulence became a daily thing. This affected my energy so much that my workouts had taken a back seat. I just simply didn’t have the energy or “get up and go” I’ve had the last several years. Something was wrong.

Up until 3 weeks ago I had blocked out these symptoms and wrote it off as hormonal disturbances (which it still could be a part of it)and just lived with it until one of the symptoms raised concern; nausea. This nausea would come and go three times a day. I also had a cold just before Christmas Eve & I had the inability to also chew on the right side to recently find out it was a “failed” (cracked) root canal due to inappropriate treatment. This of course lead to infection.

All of this combined just sucked the life out of me. I wonder if you can relate at all?

The Connection

So, after forty eight years you get to learn your body and you begin to pick up on things so much faster & know when things aren’t right. You also should know by now that getting the proper tests and seeking medical care & holistic care are more important than your pride.

After the nausea hit that was the final straw, I decided to seek out professional guidance, not google😉, which I’m guilty of too.

I’m in the process as I write this to getting some answers and one of them turns out to be STRESS….back in October I had a significant loss, my fur baby Max had passed away under what seemed to be sudden circumstances(congestive heart failure). It was more traumatic than what I ever thought it could be, he was my first dog and I was the one who had to make a last minute decision under pressure(which I am glad I did as it turns out).

Your Brain on Drugs…..remember that Commercial?

There is something lurking in today’s society and can be just a dangerous as taking drugs if left unchecked for too long, it’s the effect of stress on our bodies, especially our organs and digestive system. Don’t get me wrong, our bodies need stress from time to time, and there is a good stress it’s the “eustress” like when your on a rollercoaster or performing in a play in front of hundreds of people. It’s when your pulse quickens and your hormones surge but there is no real threat or fear of danger. This stress is good because it affirms we are alive & we feel excitement about that.

Emotional stress that stays around for weeks or months, eg, the loss of a loved one, divorce, abuse or neglect, these types of stressors can weaken the immune system.

So as I did some personal research (which the doctor told me to do 😉) I‘m almost 100% sure this is where all my symptoms have come from-Stress & poor eating as I share later in the blog.

Check out this list of symptoms from emotional stress;

Low energy.


Upset stomach, including diarrhea, constipation, and nausea.

Aches, pains, and tense muscles.

Chest pain and rapid heartbeat.


Frequent colds and infections.

Loss of sexual desire and/or ability

Now keep in mind, you don’t have to have all these symptoms to have stress. Depending on the “stressor” different people have different abilities to cope with stress, and typically those who have consistent good health habits like daily meditation, good nutrition, daily exercise & healthy relationships tend to recover better.

Elimination Process

Last week I made the decision to get help and my first appointment was some in depth blood work and a bacteria(H-Pylori) breathe urea test.

Might I suggest if you having any health concerns that you start with a doctors visit for requisition for blood work….CBC(complete blood count), B12, Vit D, Bilirubin(jaundice), alkaline testing, blood protein testing, etc etc.

Ignoring symptoms will not have them go away, remember, serious disease and illness’ do not happen over night, many(not all) of them CAN be prevented if detected and treated in time.

Well, I am happy to say that ALL the bloodwork in my results can back amazing! Even my B12 and blood protein(for the nay sayers of plant based😉❤️). All my counts are smack dab in the middle. So for transparency I thought I would share my resorts without you below.

So all the blood work so far is good as I wait on the breathe test which can take up to a month as it is shipped out to British Columbia.

The next step would have been an endoscopy but this is where the miracle from my title of this blog comes in.

After Max had passed away, my eating habits changed a lot. I’ve never had that many fries as I had in the last three months than I did the last 20 years! Potato chips, donuts & white bread made a home in my belly for the first time in years.

After getting a cold, a root canal infection, and horrible gastritis issues for the last few weeks I knew I had to take responsibility for my part and that was changing my eating habits back to where I left off.

So within only one week of going on an anti-inflammatory diet, adding a probiotic daily, Betaine Hydrochloride acid that aids in digestion after taking the Home stomach acid test (I realized that I also do not have a high enough acidity in my stomach for proper digestion) my symptoms have all but gone away!

Now that I am eating healthy again those acid levels could change I will perform the test again in four weeks.

Prayer & Gods faithfulness

As a woman of faith you would think the first thing I would do is pray, well, I didn’t, I have a habit of taking matters into my own hands. And of course it can bite us in the butt after a while. It’s so much easier I know to put our trust in God and pray for results, but God has also given us the wisdom and free will to make the changes we need to in our lives to help ourselves, He is the coach in the corner cheering us on.

BUT never think He is not in the healing business still. God does heal & I can’t answer why sometimes prayer doesn’t work or the healing doesn’t come, I’ve been there too, I just know He is loving & has our best interests at heart 100% of the time. The other thing I do know is that when we make bad choices we have to live by the consequences, for me that meant my health.

I have no doubt though that when I reached out in prayer last week while having nausea, I haven’t had any symptoms since then. True story!

You see, God works with us when we work with Him. God did not create us as robots, how much love can I get from a robot? No, it’s like a dance with a partner, you take one step then the other takes the next step, HOWEVER, there has to always be a “lead”, and that’s God. So I did my part and He did His.

Compassionate Advice

I’ll leave this here and you can take it or leave it.

When it comes to your health only YOU, are in charge. Nobody else, not even your closet companion can yell you what’s wrong with you, you probably wouldn’t listen anyways, right?

You only get once chance to make the right decisions and putting off any health concerns you may have out of fear or pride, will only hurt you in the end, and potentially others.

If you are suffering from any ailments or symptoms you’ve never had before, NEVER, underestimate them or slough it off. The first thing I suggest is to make an appointment “in person” with a professional, whether a GP, a Registered Nutritionist or Holistic Practitioner(not you-tubers unless they are registered or certified).

Ask for bloodwork, this also goes for people who are changing their nutritional diet, ALWAYS make sure whatever diet you are choosing that YOU are getting the correct amount of nutrients for your body. Feeling good is not always an accurate “marker”. We are not all the same. My B12 and blood protein is perfect on a plant based diet but yours may not be.

Also, make the decisions according to your personal make up; exercise levels, genetics, body type, allergies, age gender, and doctors advice. Then empower yourself to make personal choices, try out different foods & workouts, know that one type doesn’t fit all, again, I can’t stress this enough but what works for one person may not work for everyone!

Final Words……

Alright, back to stress, please please include some self care in your life no matter what age you are. Self care is not just for us older folks, the earlier you start, the more you are prone to stick with it throughout your life, and listen your gonna need to know healthy coping mechanisms.

Meditate and exercise either cardiovascular activity for 30 minutes daily every day or resistance training 3-5 days a week, eat whole foods from the earth as much as possible. Build healthy relationships & deal with the toxic ones in a healthy and respectful way; cutting people off or not talking to them is NOT healthy(I’m changing that too). Whether relationships are bad or good, talking things out and practicing forgiveness ALWAYS does us better. It doesn’t mean we have to be a part of their lives, it simply is about putting boundaries. (Still learning here 💁🏼‍♀️).

I pray you have a blessed 2020 my friend and may your dreams and visions come to pass, if not this year, keep working on it!

Warm Carrot & Ginger Soup

Cold Rainy Days call for Earthy Warming Soup!

It was one of those, throw on your snuggly warm slippers and sweats & watch TV, be lazy and of course, make homemade soup kind of days.

I ran some errands like shopping (it’s all I do with three teenage boys & my husband in the house), at one of my favourite new health food stores, aka Healthy Planet, No Frills was also on the list, and then I checked the mailbox for the first time in a week, it’s mostly junk anyways, agree?

After being outside in the awful wet cold rain I decided it’s a great day for soup, and so the journey began.

Detoxing, Gut issues

After the holidays how many of you do a detox?💁🏼‍♀️ that’s me, only this year I didn’t eat much because of a cold I somehow caught on Christmas Eve…great timing right? Anyways, it’s always something I do right before the New Year, you know some cleaning up of loose ends (lol did you catch that?).

Alright let’s move on, so I shared in a previous blog of some newly discovered sensitivities to certain foods & decided that this soup recipe had to be gluten friendly & anti-inflammatory, so after a little research, I found one (recipe)Anti-Inflammatory Carrot, Turmeric & Ginger Soup , thank you Simply Quinoa!

I knew that if I were going to ease the bloat and gas 🥴, this soup had all the winning ingredients, and speaking of ingredients, have you ever done your research on the benefits of Turmeric ?, if not, it’s time you have. It’s a root plant from the ginger family with some pretty incredible claims from treating cancer to preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease. Check it out!

Other great ingredients like Ginger and garlic have amazing benefits as well and are good for digestive concerns. One of my top favourite soups is Butternut squash so of course this recipe HAD to have some in it and besides that’s what makes this soup earthy.

Have you ever tried Fennel? Believe it or not this recipe is the very first time I cooked with it. I love it, I think of licorice when I smell it. Not even sure if I could taste it in the soup but it has to be in there for some flavour.

Chopping, Blending & Stolen Bread

One thing I used to hate about cooking was all the chopping involved, but lately I’m not sure if it’s a part of aging but I actually enjoy chopping up veggies & slicing and dicing. Crazy right? I thought so too.:)

Be aware there is a lot of rough chopping in this recipe between the 3 cups of carrots and the 1 cup of butternut squash, you’ve got your work cut out for you(I did it again, puns are fun🙃), I suppose if you have a really good knifec, it won’t be as hard. I need some Heinkel knives(next Christmas present).

If you do not own a Vitamix blender I don’t know what to say except that if you ever have the money to invest in one, I highly suggest it. I’ve had mine now over 8 years and it still works like a charm! Not all green drinks are the same, trust me, you would like how a vitamix blends green drinks, but what I love is the option for making soup, yep, it cooks soup! pretty cool eh? It’s takes only 5-7 minutes and you have fresh piping hot soup.

So, what goes with fresh homemade soup? That’s right! BREAD! So of course when I was out picking up some groceries I picked up two fresh baked sticks of bread(sourdough preferably, but whatever your heart desires). Well, after I finished the soup to the point of simmering I went to set the table and the bread was no where to be found!! Two loaves -GONE!!

How can anyone have soup without fresh bread?!?! The culprits, it tunes out was two teenage boys living in my house. Side note: Quick question for y’all, do any of you hide food from your teenagers or is it just us? Well, having the bread 🥖 disappear and no dipping for the soup, it may start to happen more often.

A Win for the Soup!

Well, Soup was a success, for my husband and I that is. The boys, not so much. I guess the bread was enough or perhaps it was the colour🤷🏼‍♀️ but for us it was delicious! Seriously, if your looking for a great soup (30 minutes from start to finish)that is hearty & healthy and gentle on the belly, this is for you. If your detoxing it’s safe and great for your digestive system.

As you celebrate New Years Eve tomorrow with friends & family…

BE safe & Enjoy!

May 2020 be a great year of blessings, physically, spiritually and emotionally!